Wholesale Coffee

We are the distributor of Pure Roast Coffee, a multi-award winning, premium coffee roaster. We are one of very few coffee roasters in Ireland to achieve a BRC AA food standard accreditation - the highest quality standard achievable. We specialise in convection roasting and creating coffee blends for a range of clients including airlines, national restaurant chains and high end and independent coffee stores.

As a family business, the key focus is to reduce our carbon footprint and develop our sustainability over the coming year. Our Loring convection roasting system means the burner system incinerates smoke as it leaves the drum and re-circulates hot air. This single burner system can reduce gas usage and CO2 emissions by up to 70%. In addition to this, we have been carrying out tests on both compostable and 100% recyclable foil. We plan to take plastic out of our business, greatly reducing our carbon footprint and improving our sustainability.

 Are you a cafe, restaurant, bar, office or any other type of business in Ireland looking for a new coffee partner and supplier? We work closely with all of our customers to deliver the perfect roast every time. If you would like to discuss how we do this in more detail please fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you.